Crafted with care from the heart of Nicaragua!

About Nicas

“My desire is to support a community with a craft that should not be forgotten no matter where technology takes us.”

 The Woman Behind The Business

Company owner Carmen Maltez with large hand bag


Maria Del Carmen Maltez (nicknamed Tita) was born in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, during a time when life was fairly simple. Food was grown in nearby fields, while cattle, chickens and pigs were raised on family farms. If you needed something like furniture, clothes or shoes, you could usually find it in the neighborhood, handmade by someone with great craftsmanship.

Like many women, Tita’s mother worked from home and had a special skill for sewing and designing beautiful embroidery on linens and other items. While her mother was busy focusing on fabrics, Tita, would sit at her feet under the sewing machine. There she started to understand the great effort her mom put into every stitch of her daily work.

Tita left her country for the United States and gained over 15 years of experience working in various fields, including Social Services, Special Education and Life Coaching. Though she adapted to the lifestyle of bigger cities, she never forgot that sense of pride and passion for quality handmade goods.

A return trip in 2015, brought her to the discovery of woven fabrics carefully created on traditional pedal and handlooms at a co-op in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Tita’s lifetime interest in textiles and practical designs inspired an idea for a new business.

The following year she started, Nicas Handwoven Originals!




Place of Inspiration

The business came to life in the fall of 2015, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua three hours from the capital Managua. This predominantly rural area, is a land for coffee lovers that rises 2,297 feet above sea level. With spring-like weather almost year round, you’ll find people as beautiful as the rivers and mountains that surround them.

group of cattle headed out to graze

While traveling in Nicaragua, Tita had the opportunity to visit Matagalpa for the first time. She was introduced to a local women’s co-op at the Maria Cavalleri Foundation. Here, four women have kept alive the craft of weaving on pedal-looms and hand looms for decades.

"At the end of a two-week vacation my heart was made up. I wanted to be part of something new yet traditional; work hard but not just for me, people I know or who know me, rather in a universal collaborative and collective way for a better future.” 

Nícas Handwoven Originals is happy to support organic living, and the empowerment of women in developing countries, through a craft that should be passed on to future generations.